Blossom's Boutique

I began this journey in 2018 when I couldn't find a suitable linen dress for a particular event I was attending so I decided to design and make what we needed in Bali! With so many compliments on our outfits i knew it was an opportunity to provide everyone with affordable, beautiful clothing without a huge price tag! I've always had a keen interest in furniture, I had up-cycled lots of old pieces for friends and this seemed to be the next step for me so we have combined the two!

The Blossom's Collection got it's name from my Granddaughter Blossom. All clothing pieces within the collection are named after various other family members.

We pride ourselves on providing top quality goods. All of our furniture is made from recycled timber that has been ethically sourced and made into our masterpieces. Our suppliers in India and Bali have been carefully selected to align with our sustainable and ethical values as that plays such a big part of who we are. We are here to improve the world not destroy it.

We also love to meet new customers and build relationships, so you are all welcome to come along to our shop. Or if you're further away, enjoy browsing our website 🖤

Getting to Papamoa Plaza

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